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The Druid Stone By Keith Parkinson

This page is best viewed with the font Stonehenge.

You open the door to the secluded mansion deep in the woods, and see a tiny dragon waiting to guide you. (Yes, a dragon!) Just as you were starting to wonder why you came inside this mysterious place, the doors close behind you and the little dragon seems to beckon with his tail. Against your better judgement you walk further inside.

The dragon leads you to a meal that looks strange, but smells delicious, on a beautiful mahogany table. The atmosphere curiously invigorates and calms you simultaneously, and you feel yourself becoming comfortable in this mystical place.

There is a myriad of art on the walls and curious books all around the room. You see one book called The Art of Magick, and other rare ones such as: So you want to be a Sorceress, To Love a Dragon, Dream Weaving, and Having a "Mythical" Spirit Guide. You quickly realize that this is not the dwelling of the typical person, but someone who has planned out this meeting and prepared for you. A lady of power, and you have walked right into it.

You suddenly hear a soft voice, "Sit a spell and rest from your quests. Read some poetry, look at some art, and eat a meal if you wish. Don't let the atmosphere frighten you, you're safe here. My lair is your lair." The velvety voice seems to be coming from the air around you. "I'm sorry that I have to hide myself from you, but I can't always trust strangers...or mortals," she says. "I have changed my surroundings recently. I hope it's even more accommodating to my visitors than before."

Just as you're going to ask some obvious questions, such as: Where am I? Who are you? and Where are you? the voice laughs. "Always so many questions! I am a dragon and a woman....long story... The only thing you really need to know is that I love to entertain guests and like to share my "hoard" with others. Yes, dragons do "hoard" things, and my passion is art and literature. Please go to my gallery and you'll see what I mean."

There's a small piece of paper on the floor that catches your eye

You make out Lady Intricatescrawled upon it.

Master Gallery
Lady's Own Poetry
Room of Philosophy
Web Sets

Who is this Lady Intricate?

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This gallery has been restocked on November 20th of 2004!

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