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As you cross the threshhold, you immediately smell incense in the air and hear classical music playing in the background. You feel dizzy with the room's heady smell of wisteria, and are drawn to an inviting couch in the center of the room.

A book of poems by Keats is laying casually on the coffee table in front of you. You see that the page is open to "La Belle Dame Sans Merci."

Sitting on a blue velvet chair in one corner, you see the back of a beautiful, raven-haired woman. Her face is hidden, but you see that her hair and skin glow with a pale light. Could this be the energy that comes from magick?

The woman speaks, breaking the omonious silence, "Hello, please make yourself comfortable. So, you've found my gallery, and wish to discover the beauty of days gone by? My gallery is dedicated to chivalry, love, and beauty. I remember well King Arthur and his Guinevere, you shall see much of them here as well.

Please look and learn. You will see that this code is stronger than any "laws" we have today, for it was bound with knowledge, hope, and justice.

La Mort D' Arthur by Archer

Love Among the Ruins by Edward Burne-Jones

Dragonsbane by Michael Whelan

Queen Guinevere by Archer

Sancgrael by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

The End of the Quest by Sir Frank Dicksee

Chivalry by Sir Frank Dicksee

Flaming June by Frederick Lord Leighton

Romeo and Juliet by Sir Frank Dicksee

Go to the 2nd room of the Gallery of Gallantry

You see a foyer with more galleries going off from it.
Your choices are:

The Dragon Gallery
The Faery Gallery
The Godward Gallery
The Waterhouse Gallery

This Gallery has been restocked on July 3rd of 2003.
Please E-mail me if you have any questions,comments, or suggestions.

Sign the Lady's Book View the Lady's Book
Take the door back to my Lair.

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