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The Accolade by Edmund Blair-Leighton

Call to Arms by Edmund Blair-Leighton

God Speed by Edmund Blair-Leighton

Stitching the Standard by Edmund Blair-Leighton

The Last Sleep of Arthur In Aaolon by Edward Burne-Jones

The Kiss by Francesco Hayez

Galahad by George Frederick Watts

Go to the 3rd room of the Gallery of Gallantry

You see a foyer with more galleries going off from it.
Your choices are:

The Dragon Gallery
The Faery Gallery
The Godward Gallery
The Waterhouse Gallery

This Gallery has been restocked on July 17th of 2003.
Please E-mail me if you have any questions,comments, or suggestions.

Sign the Lady's Book View the Lady's Book
Take the door back to my Lair.

You are welcome to use any of the art on my pages, but please remember to add a link back. You can use a banner to link me if you like. Thank you!

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