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Melpomene, whose name means "songstress," is the muse of tragedy. 
In art she is often seen holding a tragic mask, cothurnes (or tragic actor's boots), and the club of Heracles.

Songstress of Sorrow

Riding a nightmare of ebony
Galloping down from your father's mountain
While you sing a song of such delicate and sorrowful beauty
That I wake with tears on my pillow

Dreams of you haunt me until I put pen to paper
Seeing your eternal face in my window pane
I find myself conjuring spirits to drive your sorrow from my heart
But then I call out to you to come back to me

You're there in every song that inspires
Every play that moves
Every poem that weeps

Dance in your cothurnes
Empathy and vision will follow in your wake

--Lady Intricate