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Psyche Opening the Golden Box

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This room amazes you with its deep blue carpet and beautiful chandelier. You stare at the sparkling crystal for a few moments of awe, and then realize that there's a beautiful piano in the corner magically playing itself. A velvet settee sits in the middle of the room, inviting you to relax and enjoy. What a room of peace and beauty!

A golden box with intricate carvings sits on a pedestal next to the settee. Stepping closer, you see that the carvings are of knights, damsels, dragons and castles. Although the box is small, (barely a small chest) it glows with a magical and enchanting light.

You notice that the paintings are in alphabetical order.

This page is A-G
Go to the 2nd room of the gallery (G-N)
Go to the 3rd room of the gallery (N-S)
Go to the 4th room of the gallery (T-Z)

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After the Dance

The Annunciation

The Awakening of Adonis


The Charmer

Circe Invidiosa

Circe Offering the Cup to Ulysees

Consulting the Oracle

The Crystal Ball




Dolce Far Niente

Echo and Narcissus

The Enchanted Garden

Fair Rosamund


Flora and the Zephyrs

Gathering Almond Blossoms

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